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Microsoft Accuses Google of Breaching User Privacy

by Marketing News Hunter on March 5, 2012

[From MSNBC] Last week, Google admitted that it, along with three other online ad-placement companies, had used a coding trick to get around default privacy settings in Apple’s Safari browser. On Feb. 20, it was Microsoft’s turn to accuse Google of similar shady dealings regarding Internet Explorer. “When the IE team heard that Google had bypassed user [...]


Group Sues Google to Stop Privacy Changes

by Marketing News Hunter on February 9, 2012

[From MSNBC] A U.S. public interest group asked a federal court on Wednesday to block Google Inc. from consolidating more than 60 of its privacy policies, saying it could make it easier for advertisers to target users. A lawsuit by the Electronic Privacy Information Center alleged Google violated a settlement agreement reached with U.S. regulators last [...]